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Lily is the Student of the Week - Term 3 - 2022

Lily was the deserving recipient of the Student of the Week award in Week 8 of Term 3! Lily had taken some time off from school the previous week to see her favourite artist Billie Eilish play live up in Auckland, so Matua Jaime saw an opportunity with her Student of the Week award, which you can see and hear in the above video!

Here is what Matua Jaime had to say about Lily.

Lily, I hope you’ll forgive me absolutely butchering your favourite artist Billie Eilish just now but I simply couldn’t resist after you saw her live in concert last week. So now the question lingers, who sang it better - me or Billie?

You have been at our school for just under a year now Lily, and in that time you have grown so much as a person and as a leader. You’re not someone who seeks out the spotlight but this year, you have consistently shown that when there is a need, you will step up and rise to the challenge. I am so proud of the way you have developed your confidence not just as a learner but also as a leader, as I mentioned in the song.

The number of times I have observed from afar as you go out of your way to help your teina is incredible. Our Ngā Pikopiko students look up to you and love you because they know how loving and caring you are.

In the classroom, you consistently give your best to every learning experience and share your understanding with the class, which benefits everyone.

When I think of students who exemplify the value of Identity, you are at the top of the list. You are proud of yourself and your culture and it has been incredible to see your growth in sharing this with everyone at Randwick School.

In the year you have been at Randwick School, you have already left a powerful legacy for others to follow. You were our very first student to lead the Karanga for Mihi Whakatau, you drove the project for our gender friendly bathroom here in the hall and I know that many of our Ngā Pikopiko students will remember your kindness for the rest of their lives.

Lily, your Mana just continues to shine out across Randwick School. We are so proud of you and I know your family is too. Congratulations!

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