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Sebastian is the Student of the Week!

Sebastian was the recipient of our Student of the Week award in Week 1 of Term 4, 2022.

Here is the video Matua Jaime made for him

Sebastian, when it came time to put together your Student of the Week presentation there was one thing that stood out to me. I can remember teaching you way back in 2018 when you were a Year 4 and a superfan of the Marvel films. Whether it was Captain America, Iron Man or the Hulk, you knew everything there was to know and had all the best merchandise.

So in my mind, when I’d watch those superheroes films, I’d often think of you.

That was years ago and while I still think of you when I think of superheroes, it’s for a different reason now. Now it’s because I think YOU are a superhero, which is what I hope came across in that fan trailer (if you can overlook the shoddy editing!)

You have the attributes of so many of the characters that you love watching on screen.

Like Captain America, you stand up for what is right and protect those in need. You speak out against injustice and are of unimpeachable moral character.

Like Tony Stark, you have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You give everything your best shot and don’t let the thought of failure deter you from whatever obstacle is in front of you. And like Tony Stark, more often than not you are successful in your endeavors, even when the outcome seems bleak.

Like Peter Quill, you have a wicked sense of humor and a razor sharp wit. You love to make others laugh and your ability to do so brings joy wherever you go.

Like the synthzoid Vision, you are powerful of mind and have a steely focus when work needs to be done. Your academic progress has been outstanding and your attitude towards your learning is second to none.

And lately, seeing you lifting weights and working out your forearms with the spring grip I can’t help but be reminded of the Hulk, not to mention your regular walks over the Wainuiomata hill which I genuinely think might kill me if I tried!

Sebastian, to me you are a superhero. You are an amazing kid with bundles of personality and potential. It has been my great joy to be your teacher again this year, congratulations to you and your whānau.

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