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Student of the Week-25th June 2021

Congratulations to Jahlayze, this week's winner of the prestigious 'Student of the week' award! Matua Jaime made this video for Jahlayze using the animation coding feature on 'Scratch', a free website that teaches you how to code! (it's kid friendly!)

Here's what Matua Jaime had to say about Jahlayze, the star of the video above!

Jahlayze, you are truly the embodiment of a great Randwick kid. It has been my privilege to have you in my class not only as a Year 3, but also a Year 4 and now as a Year 7. Over the years I have come to know you well through our many great and often lengthy chats. I learned about your curiosity. You ask the most amazing questions about the world around you and are truly a budding philosopher. Sometimes the questions you ask blow my mind with their complexity and creativity (we will come to this more in a minute). When I think of the phrase, ‘life long learner’ you are someone that comes to my mind. You don’t settle for the simple answers, you search for the deeper meaning of things which is such a rare and admirable trait at your age. Now we come to your incredible creativity, something that I couldn’t help but pick up on very soon after I first met you. You are the definition of the term ‘outside the box thinker’. When you come across a problem, you have a knack for finding novel and exciting ways of solving it. You are a talented artist and have an ability to convey meaning through your works with skill beyond your years, which I have seen over and over again in the comics that you love to create. Years ago, you made me an amazing canvas art piece about your day at the beach with your whanau, which featured shells, seaweed and a fish skeleton glued to it. You’ll be pleased to know my parents looked after this for me while I was in London, and to this day it hangs in the bathroom of my family home! You have an awesome sense of humour and a powerful and stoic positivity that consistently buoys those around you. I personally have been uplifted by your words, humour and attitude on many days and you make my days a lot more fun with your presence. Above all else, you are gentle and kind towards everyone you encounter. Everyone has bad days when they don’t feel themselves. It is not uncommon for these feelings to sometimes spill over and impact on others in a negative way. However, in the two and a half years that you have been in my classrooms, I am yet to hear a single student complain that you have upset them in the slightest way. You are so considerate of other people's feelings and as a result, you get along well with everyone you meet. As I’ve said Jahlayze, you have been in my classes for almost 3 years now. It may have been a long time coming, but I can not think of a more deserving winner of this prestigious ‘Student of the Week’ award. A huge congratulations to you and your whānau.

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