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Randwick School open for all students

We are a Year 1-8 school focused on nurturing the mana of our tamariki. We have a dedicated, passionate staff that have high expectations and are committed to providing children with the best possible education. At Randwick School we value excellence, positive decision-making, independence, the nurturing of talents and passions, and compassion.

Randwick School is part of the Government Free Fees for Students Scheme and Free Lunches in School for ALL Students Scheme.

This means, NO school fees, NO donations, NO swimming fees, NO fees for trips

Breakfast is available 5 days a week

Lunches are provided 5 days a week

At Randwick School we are commited to providing relevant and engaging learning programmes that build on our children’s strengths. We encourage children to enquire and investigate and aim to support their learning with 21st Century learning tools.
Randwick School children are caring, smart, inquisitive and talented. We celebrate and value their potential and are committed to do everything we can to ensure it flourishes.

It is a pleasure to be Principal at this wonderful school and I invite you to join us on our learning journey. Please feel free to call in and visit our fantastic school or if you have any questions, please contact me at

Andrew Wooster - Principal

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